What is the partnership program?

The partnership program is aimed at pit crews and people with communication skills to establish a relationship that goes far beyond a simple purchase or benefit. It's a team effort. The winners are always the clients/boxes, where thanks to this collaboration they will be able to access special prices, exclusive promotions, competitions and events, prizes and much more.

How does the partnership program work?

Once you enter the partnership program, you will be able to see your registration code and you will be given the specific one for your clients. Your clients, once registered on the website, will only have to indicate the code in the purchase process so that discounts are automatically given. If you were previously registered, by accessing from the My Account / Account Information panel, you can activate your code to get all the benefits and access the usage information of your codes. If you need help with registration or activating your current account, don't hesitate to ask us for help from here.

To know the conditions do not hesitate to contact us by pressing here