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Your crossfit shoes are in TRIBE

Each sport requires different footwear for training. And, without a doubt, one of the most technically demanding is the crossfit. At TRIBE we know that you are as demanding as the sport you play, and that is why we have the selection of crossfit shoes you were looking for.

Training shoes for beginners, technical cross training shoes for those who combine occasional running with a lot of jumping, or technical crossfit shoes with special heels for those who love weight.

The brands of crossfit shoes that sportsmen and women trust

We're not here to mess with second-rate brands. At TRIBE you can only find the best, like the Nike crossfit shoes (the METCON series needs no presentation, although they are not the only Nike training shoes that our customers demand).

Reebok crossfit shoes are other top sellers, such as New Balance, or Adidas, although when it comes to Adidas shoes, the Trainer is the one that takes the lead.

We have both men's and women's slippers.

Study their characteristics, find the model and brand of crossfit shoes that best suit your training routine... and wear them in the box!

And if you're not sure, remember that we help you choose crossfit shoes too!