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The best women's trail shoes are waiting for you at TRIBE

You love to run outdoors, feel the wind in the leaves of the trees as you slide like a deer along the path, or ride through. These sensations are only really known by those who live them, but to live them well you need good women's trail shoes.

Fortunately, the best are in TRIBE: mountain shoes for women that adapt to all needs: technical shoes for the most pro, that perform in the most aggressive rocky environments, or trail sports more suitable for moderate terrain.

Although it's not the only factor when choosing women's trail running shoes.

Keys to choosing the right women's trail shoes

If you're not sure what kind of women's trail running shoes suit you best, the direct solution is to ask us. With four pieces of information, we'll soon see what kind of shoes you need. But, if you prefer to browse first, here are some of the main factors to consider:

THE WEIGHT: Women's hiking shoes are usually lighter than men's because of the weight factor. Still, depending on yours you will need more cushioning, or more lightness.

THE TROTTLE: Do you go out occasionally or do you plan to melt the soles down on the mountain? Depending on the intensity of your training, you will need stronger or weaker women's trail running shoes.

THE PHYSICAL: Your type of footprint, flat or well arching, and the unique characteristics of your foot influence the choice. Your general shape too: we have trail shoes for beginners, and for the more experienced trail runner.

We have the best brands in women's trail running shoes

If you already know the kind of sport you need to run in the mountains, then you are one of those who goes for a fixed shot with your favourite brand. Or maybe you are one of those who dare to try other manufacturers? In our shop you will find Salomon women's trail shoes, Adidas Trail for women, New Balance, La Sportiva, or the ones preferred by more sportsmen: Asics women's trail shoes.

Among others! Browse through our section of women's trailers and soak up their features until you find yours.