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Women's running shoes are necessarily different from men's. Your training needs a women's running shoe adapted to the size of the female foot, and to the weight ranges it has to support, which are usually smaller.

Normally, women's running shoes are lighter, made of ultra-lightweight materials so you can literally fly over any terrain, but don't just take that!

You should consider other factors when choosing women's running shoes. The most practical thing: take advantage of the fact that you are buying them from TRIBE, and ask us. We will indicate the models of women's running shoes that best fit your profile.

But, still, it doesn't hurt to go over some of the factors you should consider:

5 keys to choosing good women's running shoes

How much do you weigh? Your weight will be the first factor to consider, as you'll be choosing between women's running shoes with thinner soles, or with more cushioning. To err on the side of caution is to buy tickets for a plantar fasciitis that no one wants!

Where are you going to run? Asphalt, clay, woodland, concrete... each terrain has different traction requirements, different wear of the sole and therefore requires different women's running shoes.

What's your footprint like? Do you have a good arch in your foot, or do you tend to flatfoot? Pronator, supinator, or neutral footprint? The best running shoes for women are those that pick up your footprint and transform it into pure speed.

Have you had any injuries? Your fitness level defines the type of women's running shoes you need. If you start and your body is not yet toned, you need more protection. If you've been running for a long time, you need a women's running shoe that allows you to give your best.

How far are you going to run? Going out every day is not the same as going out at the weekend - the wear and tear on the sole and the entire structure must be adapted to the level of demand!

Complete your running team, woman!

Once you have your women's running shoes chosen, you need to complete the equipment. Be sure to check out the Women's Running Clothing and Women's Running Tights sections.

And remember to ask us if you have any questions about the right sneakers for you!