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We help you choose the best running shoes in TRIBE

The best thing a person can do when they decide to start running is not to fall into the classic "any shoe will do", or "just being comfortable is good enough for me". Trust us, we've been through this. You always need the right running shoes for your constitution and the type of terrain you will be running on

If you don't get the running shoes right, it turns into worse performance, foot pain, and even some unexpected injury, if you're unlucky. That's why running shoes are so specific. But why expose yourself to this and make your training a negative experience? Sport is for enjoying!

That's why we at TRIBE are going to give you some basic tips to choose your running shoes well, and to make it easier for you to buy shoes online in the future.

How to choose the right running shoes for you

When buying running shoes, two central elements are your constitution, and the training ground.

YOUR CONSTITUTION: When running, we put most of our weight on our foot, ankle and knee joints. Every step, every jump, is an impact of all that weight on those joints. Therefore, people who are heavier need running shoes that are stronger and offer more cushioning. Your own flexibility, or the arch of your foot, are other important factors.

THE TERRAIN: The soles, made of rubber or EVA rubber, must offer sufficient traction, and at the same time, resist abrasion on hard terrain such as asphalt or clay. Concrete demands running shoes with greater cushioning. And if you're going to run on the mountain, then you need trail running shoes.

Buying running shoes also goes by gender

This is not about colors or styles (men or women, everyone likes to show off with the latest running shoes).

This goes from the physiological and biomechanical differences between the male and female foot. This is known by the manufacturers, and that is why you should go to the corresponding section of women's running shoes, o men's running shoes.

But the most important advice we can give you if you are looking for running shoes in our store and you don't know which ones to choose... is to ask us. We will be happy to point out the running shoes that will work best for you!